Beautiful Amritha Aiyer at HanuMan Movie meet

Tamil actress Amritha Aiyer's new photos in traditional wear at the Telugu movie Hanu-Man Interview.

HanuMan’ is the first Indian original superhero film from director Prashant Varma cinematic universe. Niranjan Reddy has produced this film on Primeshow Entertainment with Teja Sajja as the main protagonist. The Hanu-Man film was released on January 12 as a Sankranthi festival and was a huge success. In this context, Actress Amrita Iyer, who played the female lead in the movie, shared the features of the film in a press conference.

Not even seen in the trailer. But you are in a full length role in the Hanu Man movie.. How did you feel?

Director Prashant Varma has already said this. That’s why I didn’t think much about it. We aim to like Hanuman movie audience. As we thought, the audience is having a great time. are supporting While watching with the audience, I got goose bumps while watching their response.

Did you feel pressure before the release of the film?

Prashanth Varma is the creative director. It is believed that he took it wonderfully. But how the audience will receive the exam is more.

About the compliments you got after watching this movie?

All the audience who have seen the movie are appreciating it very much. It is very gratifying to say that you have done a very important role well.

How was it working with Teja and Varalakshmi Sarathukumar?

Working with Teja was a great experience. He is a very good actor. I learned many things from him. Also working with Varalakshmi is also a good experience. I also learned some techniques from her. I will check everyone on the set. Everyone has something to learn from. Hanuman is a very memorable journey. I have learned to be patient in this journey. Patience is very important for an artist.

What kind of roles do you want to play?

I want to do roles that have scope for acting. I love to dance. I would love to do such roles. I am very happy with my career.

Did Prashanth say there will be Hanuman 2?

Or not. I was very surprised when I saw it on the screen with everyone.

About producer Niranjan Reddy?

Niranjan Reddy has given great support. Everything is provided without any compromise. It is a pleasure to work in his production.

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