Megha Akash Red Dress Stills At Raja Raja Chora Movie

Upcoming Telugu movie Raja Raja Chora actress Megha Akash Red Dress Still photos at the movie interview.

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Actress Megha Akash Red Dress Pics Stills At Raja Raja Chora

Here is the transcript of the chat with Beautiful Telugu Actress Megha Akash about the Raja Raja Chora movie.

What attracted you to Raja Raja Chora?
I got this offer during the first lockdown. This film is not a regular hero-heroine film. Every character is quite important and has a fun element to it. Also, the twist elements to it made me go for it right away.

Tell us about your role in the film?
I play a girl called Sanjana who is very real. It is different from what I have done before. But I tried to be really different in my role and appearance and I hope everyone would love me in the film.

Working experience with Sree Vishnu?
For the first time, I met someone who is shier than me. I am a very shy person and he did not speak to me much. So, I took the effort and broke the ice. Vishnu is silent but when he opens up, he is very funny. He has a good role that is flawed in character and will impress one and all.

Why are you taking such long gaps in Telugu?
Yes, there is a gap but as I was not getting good offers, I was away. Now that I am growing up in the industry, I know how to approach people and select good scripts. In the days to come, you will see me in different characters in more Telugu films.

Hasith is a new director. How was it working with him?
The way he narrated the story, I never felt that he is a newcomer. He has done an amazing job and gave an edge to every character which has a fun side to it.

Finally, why should we watch Raja Raja Chora?
We are going through a pandemic and things are getting better with each passing day. The film will bring a smile to your face and will ease out the tension in you.

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