Cute Megha Akash Stills At Dear Megha Movie Interview 💦

Cute Megha Akash stills at Dear Megha Movie Interview. Actress Megha Akash Photos from the Dear Megha Movie event. Megha Akash images are often seen sharing her hot and beautiful photos. 

Hot Megha Akash photos were fond of acting from the beginning, which Megha Akash images worked hard for. Today we have brought for you the hottest photos of Megha Akash.

Megha Akash, who was recently seen in ‘Raja Raja Chora’, will next be seen in ‘Dear Megha’, which is hitting the screens on September 3.

“It’s a love triangle that is replete with myriad emotions of love. Not the regular “boy-falling-for-girl love”. ‘Dear Megha’ showcases different shades of love and the unconditional side of it too,” she adds.

I am very happy personally. I am enjoying this phase. I am also nervous because there is a theatrical release immediately. Director Sushanth Reddy tried to reach me for ‘Dear Megha’ for a long. I was a little scared when I came to know that the film has a very crucial female lead. But I thought ‘why not’. I wanted to try something different. The film has a different story, and moreover, I like romantic stories. I love to feel that I am in love while acting in an emotional movie.

I entered the film industry with a lot of plans. When you start working, things don’t necessarily go as planned. The reason I wanted to act is to be someone who I am not. I was doing things that I was comfortable playing. My view has changed now. I want to try out a variety of characters.

The actor says she was a little scared to play the female character as it was heavy and quite challenging. It’s a huge responsibility on the shoulders to carry it. “I was very scared. I want to try different things and I want to see them. This really touched me because I like romantic movies, portraying different emotions. The film has so many sweet romantic songs that everybody can relate to. Personally, love is a necessity because to be a better person in our lives, we have to share the love. Love is necessary because it pushes you to be the best version of yourself,” she adds.

Before ‘Dear Megha’, I had never done a full-fledged romance. That way, I entered a new zone with the film. Like every love story, there is sadness in its love story, too. My character bears a lot of responsibility as per the story. In real life, all of us break up. That’s a loss in love.

My first crush was my classmate in 4th Class. As a child, I used to crush on Shah Rukh Khan. After him, it was MS Dhoni. Everyone has been through a break-up phase in life. Personally, I prefer love marriage. I expect my hubby to be nice and let me be myself.

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