Reshma Pasupuleti Hot Pics In Polka Dot Dress

Actress Reshma Pasupuleti hot Pics stills in black and white polka dot dress photos captured by Camera Senthil. Hot Reshma Pasupuleti Makeup by Jeevitha.

Beautiful Reshma Pasupuleti Hot Pics In Polka Dot Dress

Actress Reshma Pasupuleti is one of the few actresses who combine style and substance. Known for choosing her roles with care and caution, her kitty is full today. She is working simultaneously in small screen besides doing challenging roles in films too. Not far is the day when cute Reshma Pasupuleti would be seen doing a Hollywood film.

Speaking to News Today, young Reshma Pasupuleti hot photos says, ‘I always want to explore the unexplored path. I love to take challenges and win over them.

An up-close with Reshma Pasupuleti Instagram post photos

Q: What are your forthcoming ventures?

A: I am part of a movie with Arya Balaji, there is a web series with veteran actor Sathyaraj and I am doing a film for producer Madhan. Also, a couple of untitled films are on the pipeline.

On a small screen, I am part of the mega serial Velammal in which I play Nagavalli, an antagonist.

Then there is Anbae Vaa, another mega serial.

A few of my films including Sathya Sodhanai, with Premji, Poda Mundam with Vijay TV fame Ramar are completed and ready for release. There is 333 with Sandy Master and Gautham Menon.

Q: How do you pick and choose the roles in cinema?

A: Quality matters the most than quantity. I never go behind offers and I accept those that come fall in my lap. Directors keep faith in me and approach me. I give my best output. An actress has to add shine to her character.

Q: You have been taking up challenging roles. Is that your USP?

A: I love taking up characters I haven’t done before. There should be some challenge for me. My next venture features me in the role of a call girl. I have done heroine roles too. But now I love to explore new avenues in acting. I believe that I should justify the character I agree to do. My character in Pushpa in Velainu Vandhutta Velaikkaran was conical. There was no glamour in it though it was a ‘record dancer’. People still call me Pushpa. My passion is to act.

I am part of a Malayalam movie in which I play a Lesbian. It is a tricky role. I am trying my best to bring out the complexity and give my best in it.

Q: What is the difference between small screen and cinema?

A: I am someone who loves to act. No matter it is what medium. On a small screen, you have to be more dramatic. You just have to give 10 percent of the same in the big screen. You should not overdo it in films.

Q: What is your aspiration?

A: I don’t want to get stagnant in one field. Explore to the maximum is my goal. I was an air hostess and then a new reader. I tried anchoring. I will try to master whatever I embark on and after achieving it, go and conquer the next. I take one step at a time. Though I hail from a family of producer, I chose to try on my own to set a foot in the film industry. I was treated like any other newcomer. I had to work hard to prove my worth. I believe nothing comes easily in your life.

Q: Where do you want to see yourself in five years from now?

A: Maybe Hollywood. I have already auditioned. I love pushing my boundaries. Go take the path people less travelled has been my thought ever. I will be in a place where I haven’t seen yet.

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