My Liposuction in Florida – New Body

Me and my friends went crazy in Florida, specially at the beaches of Destin. We ate too much, and of course the inevitable just was about to happen. We gained a few extra pounds. We decided diets were out of the question, we wanted to loose weight but without having to go to the gym. Cardio and exercise are not part of our vocabularies.

When visiting Miami and some other local places, we met a plastic surgeon. I will not write his name here, he actually asked me not to mention him. Which indeed might give him some kind of marketing trough the word of mouth here in my blog. But anyway, he was willing to perform free lipo on one of us, if the other liked it they would have to pay for it, of course.

I sacrificed my self, naaa I am lying. We decided to make a small contest, between the 3 of US (Marcela, Claudia and Me “Paulina”). Guess who won the liposuction contest ? YESSS it was me!!!

I was about to have free lipo!! YEAH!!! Ok finally after the 3rd day, everything was ready, i had my blood exams done. And the doctor realized i was fit to have my fat sucked out. He recommended  that we use SmartLipo, a technology i did know nothing about. I asked him, what the he** is Smart Lipo ? Is this somewhat related to a liposuction using a smart phone? I should have not asked that, i actually did look like the only one who was not ‘SMART’. He explained to me, that it is just a liposuction using a laser light. The name Smart is because the machine used is named like that. He would sedate me (I would be actually not be sleeping, i would just be in the middle, like with heavy eyes, but somewhat awake  – he said this is the way it is done today. In the past they used full anesthetics and put the patient to sleep. But now its less risky if the patient is only sedated. Ok.

He took some pictures of me, i was not totally naked, was wearing underwear (some of the medical fabric kind – not sexy at all). Some frontal lateral and other perspective pictures were taken. I did not realize how chubby i looked until i saw the pictures he took on the display of his professional camera. OMG, i really gained some weight. Thank god I am blessed with elastic and young skin, so the skin would not be flabby and loose after the lipo. YEA!!!

Anyway, after receiving the cedation, the procedure actually started. I felt some tiny pinches in my tummy and legs, those were some numbing injections with a special liquid to make the fat more easy to work with to be later extracted. The machine was there at my right side (The SmartLipo machine, kind of  a funny name). The rest of the procedure i do not remember much about. I was kind of sedated so i remember parts of if. I could see the red beam of the laser glowing a few feet away.

The procedure did not last more than 1 and a half hours. Finally i was in the recovery room. A nurse helped my wear some special garments, that i had to wear for almost 1 month.

I write this exactly 6 weeks after the procedure. I really see the difference in by body figure. Now the bulky fat deposits are gone!. I recovered the figure i had before all this crazy Florida Road Trip with my 2 friends. Now they are having their Lipo, but of course they will have to pay for it. The cost of lipo is it worth!

Excellent change in my life and body.

lipo-after-3-days 14 days after my liposuction



Thank you Doctor XXXXX


Panama City VS. Destin vacation spots

Want to plan a trip that would let you enjoy the beauty and calmness of the sea beaches? Here are some of the extravagant ideas on how to chose amongst the most attractive tourism plans that would let you enjoy the most out of the trips that you are about to plan. Florida has always attracted tourists from all over the world and people have been extremely overwhelmed by beauty and perfection of the places in Florida. There are several beaches at Panama city, Florida as well as at Destin. Following would be a detailed version of the ways the tourists could compare and chose the best places that they can absolutely plan to go for when they are planning on touring places of Florida.

Panama City:

Panama City is one of the most popular places of Florida and this place has been the tourist hub for the last few years. The heritage and culture that this city holds define a lot about the the US. Panama was chosen as the national hub of culture from amongst all the other places in America in the year of 2003. These days it has reached to huge levels of development with skyscrapers ranging from almost throughout the city. Apart from all these, being located at the shore of the Pacific ocean, tourists from all over the world visit this place to take the fun out of the beaches that has been formed in several part of the city. People like to have fun with their family and friends and spend quality time with each other. The security and safety systems installed over here are amazing and the beaches are amazing when it comes to go for the fun rides in the ocean.


Destin happens to be another very popular place of Florida which has similar reasons to attract tourists from all over the world. Henderson Beach state park, Crystals sand beach, the surrounding marinas all together make Destin very attractive for people who love sea shores and beaches. the sunrise and sunsets are amazing and could absolutely mesmerize the travelers from all over the world. These beaches are well maintained and the hotels and food here are very proper and affordable. A few days of break from the normal life style could actually be brought under control by visiting these amazing beaches with friend and family.
Thus these two places being very much similar to each other have their own ways to entertain the visitors. Going for it is the best shot!

Best Jacksonville Beaches You Want to Visit

Beaches are always fun. It is a way to escape from the hustles in the city as you take a glimpse of the blue waters and the fine sands. Among all the destinations in Florida, Jacksonville boasts different kinds of beaches where hundreds of tourists visit. The beaches of Destin, Panama and Pensacola all have unique features that visitors cannot get enough of. Compare the waters in these places and see which ones are perfect for your enjoyment.

Destin’s Amazing Beaches

The beaches in Destin are perfect for sunbathing buffs. It is where the sun meets the sand as the visitors bask to get that perfectly bronze skin. Of course, Destin beaches also come with a lot of fun options. There are lots of places to hang out, great choices of restaurants and amusing water activities to do. All Destin beaches are suited for family adventure, but there are also couples who engage into romantic activities. In fact, weddings and events are always held in some of the resorts. Of course, all beaches have great restaurants, high-end resorts and amazing people. When it comes to tranquility, relaxation and complete vacation experience, Destin is your destination to visit.

Panama City’s Blue Waters

Panama City’s rich blue waters are always packed with several people. This is where beach parties are always held as different resorts offer a different kind of theme and settings. The beaches located in Panama are not only limited to sunbathing and water activities; there are other great things to do as well. One of which is sports fishing. Sports fishing is an exciting activity for the whole family as each member can be amazed on how fun catching fish can be. After a whole day of fishing, every family member can visit a spa salon to get rejuvenated. There are a lot of spa salons ready to reduce the stress of everyone away – perfect not just for families but for singles and romantic couples as well.

Panama boasts of world-class events, top-notched resorts as well as award-winning restaurants. These are the reasons why tourists flock to this place just to experience a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. With great beaches, fun activities and exciting nightlife, Panama City’s beaches may be your best choice.

Pensacola’s Amusing Shores

The beaches in Pensacola are famous for its sugar-white sand and green waters. It is definitely fun to soak your feet into the fine sands and just feel the warmth of the sun glimpse upon your face. Of course, nothing will keep you amazed than the unique combination of blue and green waters as it invites you to take a refreshing dip. This is where friends hang out and flaunt their swimsuits – even photoshoots are done in these beaches. Similar to the other places, Pensacola also has top-rated resorts as well as restaurants which tourists cannot get enough of.

Currently, Pensacola beach is included in the Top 25 Beaches in the United States by TripAdvisor. It also ranks third in the top 25 beaches worldwide. Truly, Pensacola beach should never be missed!

When in Florida: Go to Destin, FL vs. Key West?

When planning a Florida trip, a lot of travelers are getting confused as to which island or city will they go. On their top choices are Destin, Florida and Key West. Both of these islands appeal to a lot of people and their charm is incomparable.

If you want to enjoy the summer at its finest, then it is highly recommended that you go to both places. In the event that time and budget will not permit you to do so, then you must choose one over the other.

To help you out, here are some of the information you need to know about Destin, FL vs. Key West

The Beaches

Of course, this is the first thing on the list. After all, no one can visit these places without checking out their amazing beaches, right? Beaches in Destin are very beautiful and feature a soft, powdery sugar white sand. The water in this area is turquoise in color and resembles the water that you can see in the Caribbean. In addition to that, the beach shore runs for miles so you can easily find a secluded spot where you can just enjoy and relax.

On the other hand, Key West is equally beautiful but the beaches here are quite small. As a result, it can get really crowded, especially during the summer season. Truth is, Key West is not exactly a big island. When you rent a car, you can get to explore the whole island in less than a day.

Things to Do

Given the fact that the surroundings and ambiance in Key West and Destin are quite different, then it is expected that the activities you will enjoy in these places will be different too. Since both places have beaches, it is expected that there will be some fun water activities. Both offer snorkeling, diving, fishing and many more exciting activities.

Key West is well known as the party island since it offers more night life options. If you love to drink and party hard, then this is the perfect place for you. There are lots of places to go to and things to do during the night and are more preferred by people who loves to party.

On the other hand, Destin offers more entertainment options. In the outstretch of the shore, you can find lots of outlet malls, shops, restaurants, golf courses and many more. Plus, numerous other beaches are only a short drive away from Destin.

Destin, FL Vs Key West: Which Is For You?

From the short comparison given above, you will have a great idea which place will suit you most. If you just wish to enjoy the beauty of the beach and have a long and relaxing getaway, the wonderful sand of Destin, Florida is surely the perfect place to lounge in. On the other hand, Key West is the best place for you to enjoy if you plan to have an adventure-filled trip.

Destin,Florida vs Pensacola Beach Escapes

Both the city of Destin, FL and Pensacola, FL are among the most popular tourist destinations in Florida. Located in the heart of Florida s Emerald Coast, Destin is renowned worldwide for its sugar-white sandy beaches and emerald-like waters teeming with playful dolphins. The Pensacola beachside community is located on the idyllic Santa Rosa Island, where the earliest European settlement in the mainland US took place back in 1559. The distance between Destin and Pensacola ( further west) is about 50 miles. Both destinations have sugar-white, clean beaches and clear waters. Lets take a closer look at Destin Florida vs Pensacola escapes in order to help you choose the best beach destination for your getaway.

Within the city limits of Destin, FL, there are thirteen public beach access points, including James Lee Park Public Beach, Shore At Crystal Beach Public Access and Park as well as June White Decker Public Beach Park, all of which are equipped with bathrooms and provide abundant parking space. The Destin Beach Safety Patrol staff will assist visitors with loading and unloading the beach wheelchair caddy, free of charge.

The sand on the Destin beaches originates in the Appalachian Mountains and it is composed of finely ground quartz crystal which makes it look just like white sugar. Destin has the largest fishing fleet in Florida and, if you want to go on a dolphin watch cruise or deep sea journey, you can charter a fishing vessel from the Destin Harbor, a picturesque lagoon which was formed by a sand spit known as Holiday Isle. There are plenty of beach activities including horseback trail rides, jet skiing, snorkeling, swimming, banana boat rides, parasailing, Flyboard excursions and many more.

Located on the Santa Rose Sound, the Quietwater Beach Boardwalk is one of the main tourist attractions in Pensacola Beach. A large number of events and concerts are held on the huge sea shell stage of the Boardwalk. Behind the scenic beach you can also find a boat deck where you can park your boat free of charge. The color of the sand is exceptionally white, giving it the appearance of sugar. Pensacola Beach is also known for its refreshing sea breezes, which in the summer typically begin around 12 p.m. and end around sunset, when the panoramic views of the Pensacola Bay are breathtaking.

The color of the crystal clear waters range from emerald to turquoise and they are excellent for snorkeling, especially for visitors interested in watching closely marine life. The family-oriented, clean and serene beach is not over crowded especially at sunrise, which makes it perfect for enjoying sunbathing and relaxing with your family in a quiet ambiance along the dunes. National seashores also provide peaceful areas away from the crowds.